Thursday, April 20, 2006

MB Campfire Story Part III

She was looking at him wildly, reminding him of their first time together. How smooth and sweaty they’d gotten…


“Harry!” Anika whispered harshly. He absently rubbed his cheek as she shook him by the shoulders. “Snap out of it. What should we do?”

He grabbed her wrists and threw them aside with a cruel chuckle. “Now you ask my opinion of what we should do?! I told you we shouldn’t go in the first place, but you wanted to go. I wasn’t enough company, you wanted to go make nice with those freaks.”

“You’re always at the office here… this move was…”

“This move was also your idea, Darling. You liked the idea of the money and prestige. I told you openning a new branch would mean longer hours for me.”


They both turned and looked out over their garden. “Did you see that?” Harry questioned, cautiously moving to the French doors.

“You mean the bird that just hit the window?”

“And a figure ducked behind the fence.”

She ran to him and threw herself around him. “Oh Harry, whatever should we do?”

The feel of her soft trembling body against his. The scent of her perfume. Her doe-eyes looking up to his on the verge of tears. A lion within him roared. He grabbed her tighter and calmly said, “We’ll act as if nothing has happened for the time being.” He felt her quiver and he absently rubbed her back. “Until we know more, we have no choice.”

He ogled her butt as he let her go and slipped into his jacket.

“You’re just going to leave?!?” She stood glaring at him, her fists poised on her hips, ready for a fight.

“Acting as if nothing has happened means I have to go to work,” he said to her through a grin, turning his back to the patio. He grabbed her tight and whispered in her ear, “you still have that Deringer I got you?” He felt her warm breath on his neck as she went to answer and he quickly said, “just nod your answer.”

She nodded slightly.

“Good. Get it and keep it on you, and loaded.” He kissed her forehead before breaking the embrace.

“I’ll be home on time, have that roast ready,” he said heading to the door.

“At a time like this you're hungry?”

He walked to her and held her even tighter. “Remember what you took as your weapon last night, Dear? Cook it and serve it. I’ll take care of mine before I get home tonight.”

He kissed her passionately, feeling her desire. He broke from the kiss and left before she could stop him again, pausing only monentarily at the car. They’d not been passionate sincethey moved here…just why was she looking so good this early in the day?

Anika chained the door. Watched her husband get into his car. Then ran to her nightstand for her gun. Unfortunately, the fake book she kept it hidden in was empty.

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Ok, now I'm hooked.

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YOu Guys Are really good at this!!!

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It's about time someone brought some sex (or the hint of it) into this.