Monday, April 17, 2006

What About Brian?

Tonight is the premiere of JJ Abrams's new show What About Brian. (Abrams is the creator of Felicity, Alias, and LOST.) For reasons I can't begin to explain, the first episode was last night. (Not the premiere, mind you, but the first.)

So here's the basic plot: Barry Watson (the rogue older brother from Seventh Heaven) is Brian. All of Brian's friends have relationships, some with kids, but for some reason, Brian can't seem to find the special someone.

Actually, Brian does have a girl, Marjorie, who sadly happens to be his best friend's girl. [Side note: why is it we see so many movies and TV shows these days where a guy is in love with a girl who's with the world's biggest jackass, and she's a wonderful girl in all other respects, but just can't seem to figure that out? Oh yeah, I remember now. Women SUCK at picking men. And no, I'm not a sexist. Men suck at picking men too.]

By no means was the first episode (the pre-premiere, maybe?) great or spellbinding. Several of the plot devices were so...."TV" I yelled at the screen, and could only be calmed down by my sister and her army of Easter Peeps. That said, there were enough compelling side-plots and interesting characters where you could see this developing into a Grey's Anatomy kind of 'Shipper Drama.

And yet, even if it sucks, I think I'll watch it. Why? Because I related so damn much. Almost all of my friends are married or getting married or are in heavy relationships. I'm not even sure I believe in marriage, but I often find myself looking around at all of them and thnking, "What's wrong with me?"

What about Brian asks the same questions, and if you're in that boat or ever had been, you might relate too. If you're planning on watching tonight and want a blow by blow send me and email and I'll tell you all the details to catch you up.

What about Hyperion?


Mysteria said...

you my dear hyperion are such a T.V. Dork just like a trekie but not

Mysteria said...

but at least they are loyal I expect you fall along the same lines. We still love you down here in teria land