Monday, July 17, 2006

1000 Words

Saturday I came across Yahoo's "40 Most Viewed Pictures." The juxtaposition was what got to me, as the majority were either from the Miss Universe Pageant or the fighting in Israel/Lebanon, and often right next to each other!

I mistakenly thought I could come back on Monday and get my favorites, but they change the pictures every day. I grabbed a few that were still on there:

(This is Miss Universe. I know a lot of Polish women, but most of them don't look like this)

(Can't blame a head-butt this time, Vargas)

(That says it all, doesn't it?)

(As does this)

(I'm not kidding. Sandwiched between all the horror you'd get pictures like this. It'd be funny if it wasn't so tragic. Well, I guess it's a little funny anyway. Question: how does she defy gravity like that?)

(In mid-snap he looks like a power-walker. Get out of there!)

(Miss Brazil didn't win, but somehow I don't think her career is going to suffer too much. Are all Portuguese speaking women hot?)

(So this is Mongolian soccer)

(I've been there, buddy)

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