Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Band Aid

Okay, so here's something fun to do.

In that Questionable Content comic (which I wrote about yesterday) they riffed on the band As I Lay Dying, by calling "As I Lay Dying in the Ashes of Autumn's Blood"

For those of you unfamiliar, "As I Lay Dying" is a famous book (I'll let you edumacate yourself as to by whom), and the band does take their name from that book, although there is no correlation with the lyrics of the metalcore band's songs and Faulkner's novel. (At least, according to Wikipedia. Not a metalcore guy myself, although I'm always willing to learn, if they are good.)

Anyway, here's what I was thinking: What band names can we, as a Barn United, come up with that are based on famous books or lines of poetry?

I've come up with a few, but as they are bound to be better than yours I'll save them so I don't embarrass you. Well, maybe a couple:

"Because I Could Not Stop For Death" (Speed-Metal; obviously)

"Miles to Go..." (I'm thinking a Folk band?)

"Four Things Greater Than All Things Are" (Self-Important Indie-Rock)

I'll save the rest. Leave your band name (and genre) in the Comments!


Anonymous said...

My favorite Canadian rock band ...Our Lady Peace...which was garnered from the title of a poem.

Dragon said...

Now I lay me down to sleep - cool name for any band

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

"Climbing up the walls"-Electronic New Age Monkees

Tracy Lynn said...

Murder Must Advertise- Sayers novel, Alternative band

josh said...

Heh, incidentally "As I Lay Dying In The Ashes of Autumn's Blood" makes use of several band names:

As I Lay Dying
From autumn To Ashes
..and "Blood" being an overly generic word to be used in a metalcore/screamo band name.

That being said, I think an interesting name would be "Like Giving Caviar To An Elephant"; another Faulkner reference.

I'm thinking, Soft Indie with a hint of bells and whistles (literally). And the occasional brass overture. But then again I'm listening to Sufjan Stevens which could indeed be influencing my train of thought here.