Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Woman's Appeal artwork

Friday I had a guest audio for a quick poem I wrote. (It's at Hyperion After Dark, and entitled "A Woman's Appeal," but if that doesn't scare you, feel free to go listen to the poem.)

On the home page I used this painting:

And on the actual post I used the famous painting Lady Jane introduced me to: Flaming June

But there were other paintings I almost used and rejected for various reasons. Here are some of the finalists that didn't make the cut:

(I really want to know what she's looking at, and yes I know that's bad grammar. Don't hate: I'm sick)

(I could write such a great story on this. In fact, I think I will once I get better)

(You just KNOW she knows things)

(I know this is going to gross you out, but her armpit hair is somehow erotic. Don't get me wrong: I'm down with the smooth underarm for the ladies (although I recognize it's a cultural thing and not innate), but somehow maybe because it's so different? I don't know. What do you think she's thinking about?)

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