Friday, July 28, 2006

MB Gallery X

John Waterhouse- Circe Invidiosa 1892
Courtesy of Waterhouse: The Art and Life Of John William Waterhouse
This is a painting I have in my house, although mine is a canvas repro. There is something about this myth, and this painting of it, that has always struck a chord with me. I love all of his work, the romance and the lurid beauty of them. But this is
the one I had to have.

This is a picture that was done for me by an upstairs neighbor, when I lived in Portsmouth, NH. The woman who did it was named Sarah, she was young, married and a heroin addict. I saw her drawing this and asked if I could have it, because I couldn't stop looking at it. It hangs on my bedroom wall, and, over ten years later, I'm still fascinated by it.

This is an actual draft poster, that used to hang in my dad's recruitment office, when he was an Air Force recruiter. I love things like this; signs of all kinds appeal to me. I especially like advertisements, and military stuff.

This is only some of the stuff I find appealing, but definitely three of my favorites.


jack oatmon said...

Every odd image on this webblog is a titty-shot. Is this blog, like, about drawings of tits?
I like tits, too.
This blog.
See what I mean?

lost goddess said...

Intriguing Tracy lynn

Silly Jack oatmon