Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lady Jane Scarlett Day

I am declaring today Lady Jane Scarlett Day. On this day we give her lots of internet hug and say lots of nice things about her.

When I first came across Lady Jane Scarlett I thought she was a Limey bastard, but I was totally captivated by the name. I even spent time Googling, trying to see where it came from.

In possibly the shortest period ever (EVER!) LJS went from occasional commenter to an essential stone in the Monkey Barn foundation.

I can say for certain that without her cheerful disregard for human rights and other roguish pirate ways I might have packed Monkey Barn in several times.

But how can you turn out a pirate? You just can't.

And nor would I want to.

Lady Jane Scarlett always comports herself with a lot of class, while still managing to keelhaul anyone she sees. (That's harder than it looks.) I know I, Monkey Barn, and hell; the known Intarwebs is a better place for her in it .

I salute you, Lady Jane Scarlett, and offer you Internet Hugs (especially if you really look like this picture you sent me).

Please leave your praise and hugs in the comments. Any cash Lady Jane said to go ahead and send to me. You're one classy bitch, LJS. I <3 you



Dragon said...


kapgar said...

Well, if they all looked like that I just might pick pirates over ninja. Until that time, though...

Tobias the River Midget said...

Since I left the Hyperion Institute to strike out on my own I have missed you the most. Even though you were sometimes mean to me, I always worshipped you, and I check in on the Barn and you whenever I can.

I...I love you Lady Jane Scarlett.

I....I better not say anymore. I miss you.

Dominique said...

Who loves you, baby - well besides tellie - Me and an entire montely crew - but I knew you first (and I have photos) <3 you hon - you're just fabtabulous - hugs!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Thanks all, you Barners are awesome!

Tracy Lynn said...

AHOY, LJS! Love ya, baby! Sorry I'm late, it doesn't mean I love you less!

tiff said...

I cannot say I love you, because I admire you too much.

Therefore, I offer my deepest respect for your choices in fashion and blog partners (of which I am glad glad glad to be one)