Sunday, July 30, 2006

Art Show XI (or, do you see what I see?)

I love me some optical illusions... for instance:

Think blocks A and B are different colors?

Daggone. (click to see animation)

They're not.


An oldie but a goodie - flashing spots (or a "scintillating grid") where there aren't any! Avert your eyes if you get migraines, because this might set one off.

Find the green dot - just stare at the crosshatch:

Weird, huh?


And lastly, one that doesn't rely on your visual cortext to freak you out (though some would argue that for it to BE an optical illusion it must do so), but rather does so just by being freaky:

One person? 2 people? or 3? See the dog? The tree? Hmmm? Do ya? DO YA?


lost goddess said...

I see at least 5 faces

tiff said...

5? You'll have to draw me a picture, or a diagram, or something, becaue I'm not seeing it...


lost goddess said...

Old man in the hat, the woman in the dress, the old man they make in illusion, in the mid-top of the left side of the page next to the bird on the statue, and parallel in between the other statue and the arch. 5 faces

tiff said...

You're very observant!

Any body see MORE than 5?

Tracy Lynn said...

Yeah, LG rocks like that.