Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hot Potato Story (Section 5, but from now on by the actual parts, so Part 18)

[One of the HyperionNation wrote me this morning:


Can I submit a chapter to the Tigger Story?

Why not? I was going to write one myself (clearing up a few slip ups, like "what's the peachtree all about? what happened to the twinkies and Lindsay Lohan? how can Tigger's father be Jean Luc Picard and Voldemort? and most importantly, What happened to Tigger's Speech impediment??? But that can wait. If you think the contributors are going too slow send in your own chapter. And now, on with it.]


Part 18
A bald man about 5’7 wearing a scowl and an apron. He was carrying a machine gun. The man outside the doors threw machine gun at the man holding onto Tigger. The man holding Tigger’s arm went down .

“I’m your Uncle Charlie, Tigger.”, said the man in the apron as he scooped up Tigger into his arms, jumped into a Volvo and sped away from the airport.

Tigger began to cry. He was after all a kid. Everything that had happened began to overwhelm him. He could trust no one.

Uncle Charlie handed Tigger a tissue. “It’s ok kid. Just tell me why you went with the evil man. He would have killed you. I would have gotten to you sooner but parking’s a bitch at the airport and the police would have towed my car if I’d left it.”

Tigger didn’t hear a word Uncle Charlie said after kid. He heard jibberish. What was happening? His hearing had altered. He pulled himself into a ball and….

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