Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Guess That Christmas Celebrity

This was supposed to go up yesterday for Julistmas, but stupid Blogger.........grrrrr

Anyway, it's a Christmas version of Guess that Celebrity. Don't cheat (for he knows if you've been bad or good)









Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Since when did Skeletor become a Christmas celebrity??

Dominique said...

1) coldmieser
2) cindy-lou who
3) abominabol snow dude
4) father christmas
5) rudolf the red nosed reindeer
6) skeletor

(yes I'm goofing today - and I'm finally back - I think)

Dragon said...

There is nothing jolly about Skeletor. Can't wait to hear the explanation.

kapgar said...

1. Mr. Cold Breath Dude
2. Little Cindy Lou-Who
3. Yeti
4. Gandalf the Grey
5. Rudolph Valentino
6. Skeletor (ever watch the Skeletor Show on YouTube? Classic.)

tiff said...

1) the guy who sang "just put one foot in front of the other"
2) Cindy Lou Who
3) Bumble's boyfriend, once he had the teeth out
4)My first boyfriend
5) Rudolph
6) me second boyfriend

Now, what do I win?

kapgar said...

You pick winners, don't you, Tiff?