Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I danced with a goat because that's how I roll

So this is pretty fun. Put your answer in the comments!
Ahoy, :) LJS

Pick the month you were born in:

January-- I kicked
February-- I loved
March-- I did the macarena with
April-- I played with
May-- I choked on
June-- I murdered
July-- I sang to
August-- I had lunch with
September-- I danced with
October-- I smoked
November-- I yelled at
December-- I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

1------- a paperclip
2------- a monster
3------- a phone
4------- a fork
5------- a gangster
6------- a Mexican
7------- my cell phone
8------- my dog
9------- my best friends boyfriend
10------- my neighbor
11------- an ipod
12------- a banana
13------- chuck Norris
14------- a stuffed animal
15------- a goat
16------- a pickle
17------- your mom
18------- a spoon
19------- myself
20------- a football player
21------- a ninja
22------- a fireman
23------- a noodle
24------- a squirrel
25------- a baseball bat
26------- my sister
27------- my brother
28------- my science teacher
29------- a permanent marker
30------- a llama
31------- A homeless guy

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White------ Because I was high.
Black------- Because that's how I roll.
Pink-------- Because im NOT homosexual.
Red--------- Because the voices told me to.
Blue-------- Because im sexy and do what I want
Green------ Because I hate myself.
Purple------ Because I'm cool.
Gray-------- Because I was drunk
Yellow------ Because someone offered me 1,000,000
Orange---- Because I hate my family.
Other------- Because that's how I roll.
none------ Because i cant control myself


Dominique said...

I played with a ninja because I was high. (alghough I have on brown & white - so there could be more)

Dragon said...

I had lunch with a banana because the voices told me to. Umm....ok. :)

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I had lunch with a squirrel because I'm sexy and I do what i want.

kapgar said...

I ran over a gangster because someone offered me 1,000,000.

1,000,000 what I don't know.

kapgar said...

Whoops... "dollars" was down a line. My brain is lazy today.

Hyperion said...

I ran over a homeless guy because I can't control myself.

This is eerie. It's like someone's been tailing me. Where's Rockwell when you need him?

tiff said...

I choked on a homeless guy because somebody offered me a million dollars.

Hell, NO! I stop at nasty kitty-litter eating. Plus, homeless guys are hair-y. Ick.

lost goddess said...

I had lunch with myself because the voices told me to.

Dominique said...

you hear voices too?

Tracy Lynn said...

I kicked a noodle because I was high. Jesus, how much longer am I going to be using THAT damn excuse?

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Well, Tracy Lynn, if the no-white after Labor Day rule applies to shirts...then you've got about 5 more weeks to live it up.
Now, I wonder if the noodle was al dente? Because I'm sure after you kicked it, it was rather dented. {groan...laugh}