Wednesday, July 05, 2006

All You Can Eat

Last night was a total failure for me. Well, maybe not total. I had a great meal with Hyperion-Institute Council member Marcellus. We went to a Mexican restaurant that specializes in waitresses so hot I thanked the good EVON that Kaida wasn't with me. (Not that I'd ever succumb to temptation, you understand, but I view a hot server like fine art: you admire the beauty, maybe you even get up close to see the brushstrokes, but you never touch the art. You leave it behind the glass.)

Anyway, the reason we went was that they had all you can eat Taco night. This was much more authentic Mexican food, so the Tacos came out rolled tightly, with the lettuce, cheese and sour cream piled on top.

You order three at a time, and they have to bake them.

The record (as I recall) was 21, although our server told us she'd only seen 15 in the time she worked there. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.

I planned on breaking that record.

But I had several things against me. One, Marcellus and I got to talking about important matters of world consequence, and also about Empire of the Mind and Five Kingdoms. So talking took up some time.

Secondly, it was beyond warm, and no air conditioning. The heat saps your endurance, which makes it much harder to eat like a champion.

Third, because of the heat, (not to mention the spice of the tacos, of which I always ordered a trifecta; one chicken, one beef and one chorizo), I messed up and drank several glasses of water. Nothing impedes your quest to break and all you can eat record more than liquid filling your stomach.

Anyway, to my shame, I ended up at 17 tacos. Hopefully I'll live to fight another day, but in the meantime, I have a question for you:

What food would you most like to attempt to break and all-you-can-eat record? Besides tacos, my best attempts would probably be Chick-Fil-A nuggets or some sort of berry.

How about you?


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I'd attempt to break the record for potstickers. :D

Koz said...

My friend Barnes ate 20 Krystal Hamburgers in one sitting without even breaking a sweat.

Dominique said...

i'll take you on w/ the potsticker record LJS

Tracy Lynn said...

I could do either White Castle burgers or go three way in the potsticker battle with Dom and LJS. Especially if they're gyoza.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Woo hoo! The Ladies of the Barn! :D

Dragon said...

Mmmmm, potstickers, drool. Out of my way ladies!

Sea Hag said...

I'd like to break a pie record or some sort.